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SCS Group provides complete building maintenance services for commercial clients and government agencies, from janitorial services to carpet cleaning to preventative maintenance.

We partner with our clients to consider the full range of building maintenance needs for each facility or office, ensuring that the facility continually maintains a high level of excellence.

What We Offer

Janitorial Services

Choose daily, weekly, monthly, or a one-time-only commercial janitorial service for your company or government agency. SCS Group is an 8(a)-certified company. Our government and commercial cleaning services are secure and professional and help your organization maintain a clean facility.

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Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning and carpet care can prolong carpet life and save substantial replacement costs for your business, building, or facility. SCS Group follows the recommended cleaning procedures of carpet manufacturers to provide thorough care and maintenance. Clean carpets project a professional appearance and provide a healthier work environment.

Our employees are trained in the appropriate programs and regimens to care for a variety of floor surfaces, including vinyl, ceramic, quarry tile, and wood. SCS Group will work with you to customize a floor and building maintenance program that best suits your facility.

Window Cleaning

Our building maintenance clients appreciate the difference that sparkling windows can make in the atmosphere of their offices and facilities. Whether you need regular window cleaning or a one-time construction cleanup, let SCS Group ensure that your facility has a professional appearance from the outside and the inside.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular professional cleaning of your office, building, or facilities not only projects an appearance in which you can be confident, but it helps delay wear and tear, preventing early replacement of office elements and furnishings. Regular cleaning also benefits you and your workforce personally by minimizing the risk of Sick Building Syndrome.

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Post-Construction Cleanup

SCS Group can assist with post-construction cleanup and apartment turnovers to meet client requirements, ranging from housing developments to high-rise buildings.

  • Interiors and/or exteriors
  • Detailed cleaning specifications for every site
  • On-site project managers

All employees receive thorough training and adhere to strict standards of total quality management. They are fully instructed in HAZCOM, equipment, chemical, and professionalism curricula by an OSHA-certified trainer.

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